Geomatic Software Solutions

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GEOMATIC Software Solutions

Established in 2008, GSS provides advanced IT services for institutions and enterprises in Poland and abroad. We specialise in web-based software development, geographical information systems (GIS)/GIS portals development (including 3D visualisation in web browsers), and business intelligence. Our core expertise includes .NET (ASP.NET, Silverlight, XNA, LightSwitch) and Java development, ESRI and Oracle Spatial solutions, MS SQL Server BI solutions.

Our offer covers all stages of the software development life cycle - from analysis and solution finding, through software development and integration, to support and maintenance services. We also provide outsourcing services with dedicated teams of developers, analysts and IT experts.

We aim to be long-term partner for our clients. High rate of successfully developed projects, growing number of ongoing projects and references we receive, allow us to assume that we meet the expectations of our clients.